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The Law Office of Peter B. Rowell, P.A. is a client-centered, results-focused construction law firm based in Miami, Florida. The firm is dedicated to guiding clients through the complex legal challenges that arise on construction projects. Our mission is simple: to find effective solutions to our clients’ legal challenges and implement them in a cost-effective manner.

Peter Rowell

Peter B. Rowell is Board Certified in Construction Law by the Florida Bar. Peter has extensive experience in the complex legal matters that construction businesses and property owners encounter on a regular basis. Peter has represented construction owners, contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and sureties in a wide-range of claims and disputes. With over a decade as counsel and attorney to construction industry clients, Peter has experience in the resolution of payment disputes (construction lien and bond matters), the litigation of complex construction defect matters, construction licensing matters, and a variety of contract default issues.

Peter has a strong understanding of the need to proactively manage disputes and expedite the resolution of claims to mitigate the effects and costs of a dispute on his clients. His passion for alternative dispute resolution led Peter to become a certified civil mediator. However, not all claims can be resolved before trial, and, when necessary, Peter has tried construction disputes before Florida’s State Courts and arbitration panels.

Peter also has broad experience in civil litigation ranging from debt collection to contract disputes. Peter has lectured on construction industry topics including construction contracts, liens, construction defects, and subcontractor/contractor default.

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